Thursday, August 27, 2015

1. Source Analysis

Primary Source: It is a source created at the time of the event or by a witness of the event. For example, newspapers, photographs, interviews, speeches, artifacts, etc.

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Secondary Source: It is a source that uses primary sources as sources. It expresses the authors opinion and doesn't state facts. For example, articles, encyclopedias, textbooks, biographies, etc.


As informed citizens and students of history, why is it important to know how to critically analyze sources?

It is important how to critically analyze sources because sometimes the media invents things and lies about an event to support their claim. For example, in class we saw examples about how the media took quotes from important people but they left the context out. When I saw the rest of the context, I noticed that some of the most important media channels took out the rest. Also we saw the video of a news channel that lied by showing a different background but saying that it was something else just so that their side could win. This helps me a lot because I always watch the news and I believed that all of the stories were true. Now I know that they may not be.

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  1. A bit thin on info. Could you have included the two definitions at the top into the overall paragraph?

    Also, when doing the ACE strategy to write, be sure to use colors to distinguish between sections.