Wednesday, September 23, 2015

6. Columbus Holiday

Does Columbus deserve a national holiday name for him?

I think that he doesn't because he didn't do anything that other people hadn't done before. For example, he didn't discover america because the nords and the natives had been there before. He was planning to go to Asia for spices, not to come upon a different piece of land. Like it says in the article in paragraph 6, he miscalculated the size of the world and got lucky when he came upon the americas. Also, when he arrived there, the only thing he did was torture and mistreat the natives. When he returned to Spain, he invented things so that the royalty thought that everything was well and that the lands were full of gold. In class, we did any activities and read many articles that said the same thing about Columbus. Even though he did all this, many people in class say that he inspired exploration and that he should be praised, but I just say to them " would you like if a strange group of people came into your home with guns and said 'this is ours now, you bow to our god, go get us money' and you had to". That is exactly what Columbus did. So he shouldn't have a national holiday.

5. Socratic reflection 2

Two main ideas that I took from this reflection were that Christopher Columbus inspired exploration throughout the world and that he got lucky in his voyage because he did his calculations wrong, so if america wasn't in the way he would've died.

The most interesting idea that I heard was that he miscalculated how big the world was so he got lucky when he bumped into the americas.

The idea that I most disagree with is the one that says that Christopher should be praised because he "discovered america" because he most certainly did not.

I did I good job today because I improved a lot compared to the last socratic because this time I talked well and used evidence. Next time I will try to connect my point to the text because it was hard fro other people to understand my points.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

4. European explorers

Prince Henry of Portugal


Prince Henry's motives for exploration fit into the three categories.

He set the explorations for gold because he wanted to find new trade routes from Europe to Asia so they could buy spices and other resources, come back and sell them for gold to other countries like Spain.

He set the explorations for glory because Portugal needed to establish and update their maps on west Africa and he wanted to become the one to find new places of Africa and new trade routes into Asia and the west indies.

He set the explorations for god because he needs to find slaves in Africa to baptize and he wanted to find new to lands to baptize. Also he set the explorations to find new ways to defeat the muslims and baptize them.


He achieved many things with this trips

His Idea to find new trade routes worked, meaning that they started the great age of discovery with the trips.

He also sent a exploration to Cape Bojador (no one returned alive from here) where his team of explorers passed the cape and saw new things to add to his maps.

His explorers also found a bay in which a river connected to. They named the river "rio de our". There they found many people and they took them as slaves and baptized them.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

3. Socratic seminar refletion

1. That the author was very biased talking about the socratic method. Also that history gives us knowledge that we aren't using for the best.

2. That history helps us not repeat our past mistakes like wars, but we don't use history because there still is a lot of violence.

3. That the socratic method was the only way to teach history well because there are many different ways to teach history well

4. I didn't contribute well. That is weird because last year I participated a lot in the socratic seminars. I think it was because everything was being repeated at the seminar so I didn't have anything to say and to add. Next time I will try to participate more and to use the text more

2. DBQ

How did the "face of North America" drastically alter as a result of the early encounters between Native Americans and Europeans? 

The face of North America changed because, as documents 5 and 6 say, both the indians and the europeans have resources and items that the other group needs. This caused trade to skyrocket and the two groups started to work together to be able to survive in the americas. The indians received weapons and tools to be able to manage the resources that they have better. The europeans received gold and natural resources to send back to Europe  But not all of the changes were good. In document 9 it says that most of the indian population died once the europeans arrived. The cause was diseases. The europeans brought many diseases like smallpox, chicken pox and influenza. These disease caused the indian and european population to quickly decrease. Also the europeans took advantage of the indians and made them slaves.