Thursday, September 10, 2015

4. European explorers

Prince Henry of Portugal


Prince Henry's motives for exploration fit into the three categories.

He set the explorations for gold because he wanted to find new trade routes from Europe to Asia so they could buy spices and other resources, come back and sell them for gold to other countries like Spain.

He set the explorations for glory because Portugal needed to establish and update their maps on west Africa and he wanted to become the one to find new places of Africa and new trade routes into Asia and the west indies.

He set the explorations for god because he needs to find slaves in Africa to baptize and he wanted to find new to lands to baptize. Also he set the explorations to find new ways to defeat the muslims and baptize them.


He achieved many things with this trips

His Idea to find new trade routes worked, meaning that they started the great age of discovery with the trips.

He also sent a exploration to Cape Bojador (no one returned alive from here) where his team of explorers passed the cape and saw new things to add to his maps.

His explorers also found a bay in which a river connected to. They named the river "rio de our". There they found many people and they took them as slaves and baptized them.

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  1. I like how you tied the three Gs into the post. However, it was supposed to be an ACE post. Also, you do not identify any sources for your evidence.