Wednesday, September 23, 2015

6. Columbus Holiday

Does Columbus deserve a national holiday name for him?

I think that he doesn't because he didn't do anything that other people hadn't done before. For example, he didn't discover america because the nords and the natives had been there before. He was planning to go to Asia for spices, not to come upon a different piece of land. Like it says in the article in paragraph 6, he miscalculated the size of the world and got lucky when he came upon the americas. Also, when he arrived there, the only thing he did was torture and mistreat the natives. When he returned to Spain, he invented things so that the royalty thought that everything was well and that the lands were full of gold. In class, we did any activities and read many articles that said the same thing about Columbus. Even though he did all this, many people in class say that he inspired exploration and that he should be praised, but I just say to them " would you like if a strange group of people came into your home with guns and said 'this is ours now, you bow to our god, go get us money' and you had to". That is exactly what Columbus did. So he shouldn't have a national holiday.

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