Monday, January 25, 2016

Declaration of independence break up letter

Through the course history, it becomes necessary for people to assume their responsibilities and stand up for their ideas. This idea envelops every person, every being. This ideas represent their humanity, their values. When you hired me, I thought that this job would be different, but it is not. The time has come for me to stand up for my values.

Declaration of natural rights
We deserve better treatment, better rights. Included here are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When I arrived at this job you promised me a salary of 6,000 dollars a month. You said that I would have a parking space and that I would have a clearance pass to enter all of our facilities. I should have the right of being able to state my opinions and to be listened by you and all of my other workmates. When you take away my rights I should be able to consult with you and express my feelings.

List of Grievances
You had made me the following things:
  1. You never let me fill my coffee jug when I need to
  2. You take my parking space
  3. I can’t enter the printing zone when I need to (Instead I pay you lots of money for letting me print)
  4. You have paid me less money monthly that what we agreed on
  5. My working partner doesn’t even know how to count from 1 to 10
  6. My office is so small that my chair barely fits
  7. Theres no air conditioner so I’m always sweaty
  8. The bathroom is so messy that even there’s pee in the floor
  9. The cleaning maid is mad at me because I always have my office messy (Because it is VERY small)
  10. There are no black-outs so the workers on the building next door always say hi to me and distract me.
  12. You let all of the dogs loose in the work space
  13. Don’t let me eat when I’m hungry

Resolution of independence 
After all of this has happened I have considered another job offer at another remote company that pays less than here but I am assured a BIG parking space, and a pass to enter ALL facilities for free. So the time has arrived to declare my Independence from this Company, and go on with my life as if I had never signed this work. So bye and have a great day. I declare that I’m quitting this job.

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